Payday loans with non-credit-standing interest

The interest rate A loan with credit-independent interest is not the same as a loan without credit bureau. Independent of credit means that the lending rate is decided independently of the creditworthiness of the borrower. The interest rate is therefore the same for all borrowers, with good or weak credit ratings, and is therefore also […]

Delete credit bureau entries – that’s how it works!

The credit check is part of the everyday business of the financial world. Anyone who wants to pay on account or take out a loan is usually screened for their liquidity. The credit bureau serves as a large collection center around information about payments made, their punctuality and other relevant details which could influence the […]

Are lending rates dependent on credit?

If a bank lends, it can make the interest rate dependent or credit rating independent. The latter means that all customers pay the same interest rate. Of course, the borrower must be creditworthy for this in principle. The credit-independent fixed-rate loan This form is offered less frequently. It has advantages and disadvantages for borrowers. Certain […]

Is the credit bureau scoring influenced by many loan inquiries?

The Impact of Loan Inquiries on credit bureau Scoring – Not only problematic payment behavior can adversely affect the score value of credit bureau. Also, a higher frequency of loan requests from interested consumers worsens the value. It is better to get relevant information about a condition query. It has no negative impact on the […]